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Andy Latimer interview by Tomoyuki Yamazaki in Yahho News Japan May 2016

Interview with Andy Latimer by music journalist Tomoyuki Yamazaki, before the Camel visit to Japan, where they did a concert in the city of Ozaka and 3 concerts in the city of Tokyo.
This interview was published on the website of yahoo New,
in two tranches, one on May 16 and the second on May 17, 2016.

This interview was originally published in Japanese and I share with you a translation with google translator. In the Spanish translation I made some corrections not in the English translation, which left as Google translator translates with some omissions because they were not understandable or relevant.

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I thank Mr. Tomoyuki Yamazaki, for his kindness in allowing me to share with you in Latimerish, this interview with Andy Latimer.

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Entrevista a Andy Latimer por Tomoyuki Yamazaki
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Camel guitarist to perform a concert in Japan in May 2016, interview with Andrew Latimer, in the sequel Let's ask about the relationship between British blues and progressive rock, which is his origin.
To dig its roots, by knowing the music of the band, it will be able to enjoy the live in Japan more deep.

Band to represent the lyrical side of the British progressive rock, Camel May 2016, perform a single concert in Japan in 16 years.

They're the hugely popular melody and lyrical examined to capture the music fans of the heart of Japan, according to guitarist Andrew Latimer, that Japan is a country with a special fondness also for themselves.

It is divided into before and after, eds., Want to deliver the visit to Japan just before an interview with Andrew. The topic Japan and guitar, influence from blues, such as the progressive rock of the current, became a thing diverse.
To play a lot of old songs in Japan tour

TY - Bone marrow transplant in 2007, but in 2014 was such as surgery of the knee, or physical condition are you feeling?

AL - But extremely good. Almost perfect, but about good to say a miracle. From to resume activities as a camel in 2013, it's well. I have arthritis just a little, it can not be helped because of the age. I want you to look forward from going to Japan in the near state to the best.

 TY - Are you likely can play standing in the Japan tour?

AL - Of course! Sitting play the guitar, I because different from my character. I was doing a live sitting up now, just only once. Wonder if it was the 2000 tour, was that of the United Kingdom of Dudley performances. I suddenly began to pain knee during the sound check. I pain became intolerable. Later Once you've see a doctor, it was found that the bones of the knee was missing part. I became completely well Once you have removed it. Is because it is the first time in 16 years to play in Japan, I'm looking forward to really.

TY - Will become what Japan performances?

AL - Japan everyone is willing to me, such as, have prepared a lot of surprises. "Mirage / Mirage" (1974), "Shirokari / Snow Goose" (1975), from the album, such as "Moonlight Fantasia / Moonmadness" (1976), also play a lot of old songs. Japanese fans are always serious about music, me with respect. Also because there when it is quiet, I wonder if the first is not appealing? ... Even though there I was worried that, in fact I'm me go listen to the performance. Such a posture, I really like it. Feel of the four organization unique sound of this tour, there is a thing that leads to the initial Camel. About the same as the Japanese fans, we are also looking forward to it.

TY - Please tell us about the keyboard player Pete Jones Newest.

AL - Last year (2015), passed away Guy Leblanc was the keyboard player of the band, it was in need a new member. At that time, my friend told me that "there are good musicians" by e-mail. So I tried to check in youtube, was really great. Then get in touch, we decided to invite the band. Pete has also felt the thrill to go to Japan. Pete is not only a keyboard, even to play guitar and saxophone, is also an excellent vocalist. He is probably because the eye can not see, I audibility has been sharpened. I have already started rehearsing with him, us to master the old songs from the next to the next. He is full of energy, is a joy to be able to play together

TY - Camel is for Japanese music fans, its poetry, but there is also full of melody, the album "Return of the nude /Mr.O" (1981) is Japan military, continued to remain in the 29 years Lubang Island after World War II Onoda I think that's one of the reasons that you have the Hiroshiro's the theme.

AL - Yeah, "nude" is It was ambitious work, are proud. Is fun still to play the songs from that album. Maybe to play 1, 2 songs in maybe the Japan Tour.

Ty - Where did you give the idea of ??the "nude"?

AL - What decades soldier who does not know that the war is over even hiding in the jungle, because had lived in only one person, was incredible drama. Then come back to Japan, also to that emigrated to Brazil can not adapt to life in the city, I was struck by the heart. Originally my wife Susan Hoover was started when I read the story of the Japanese military in the newspaper. While talk about it, I was convinced that it should be in the album. Or playing the koto in the recording of this album, and a variety of new attempt. Also like jacket with the image of the traditional ukiyo-e Japanese. It in the United Kingdom entered the chart, I sales was also good.

TY - In 1974 year, Onoda return home's , was reported largely in Japan.It would be so.

AL - In fact, or "nude" is accepted how in Japan, I was interested and anxiety. The war's a delicate issue, it was also possible that there are willing do not think humans to make it rock album. However, we have moved the hearts of those days, I did not not but made.

TY - Do you know "capture de (protection)" that has been used as the theme song of the professional wrestler Akira Maeda of Japan's "nude"? (Singles title of "Kyapuchudo")

AL - Yeah, I did not talk in advance, much later, are stored and taught me a fan when you tour in Japan. I'm not in any way mean that pro-wrestling fan, it's an honor for my song is listened to a lot of people. But I do not know is whether the royalty is coming to me (laughs). Since always royalty is coming together, more'm unknown in many cases. ... As a professional wrestler was popular? Even now you are using the "capture de (protection)," the theme song?

TY - Maeda players have retired already. Previous 1982 he is to use the "capture de (protection)," the theme song, and has been active in the UK, there was also to partner of the national hero wrestler, the Big Daddy and the tag.

AL - The Big Daddy, that's quite nostalgic name! Had seen on a TV show that a few times, "World of Sports". In the same program as the football and cricket, I was also doing wrestling. "Capture de (protection)" is I wrote in the Yang-shell Haas and me. Part of the first of the main riff was something that was written by Yang. I added a lot of parts, wrote the intermediate portion. I think an example in which two of the co-operation went well, it's really good song.

[Translator's Note: Big Daddy: Shirley Crabtree, Jr. (November 14, 1929 - 2 of December 1997) nicknamed Big Daddy (Big Papi) was an English professional wrestling, known for his chest 62 inches in circumference .]

TY - Do Although you are known for melodic guitar playing in the melancholic, there will be where is the origin?

AL - I think it rather than external influences, and is large due to my inner face. I originally, I like sad music. In music, it's certain that the sadness is accompanied by a feeling of exaltation. First I see the composer as a guitarist, not improvisation. So I'm trying to always put the melody on lead guitar.

TY - Your distinctive vibrato, but is likely to have a large influence from Eric Clapton ...

AL - Guitarist that I was first in the tilt is, I was Hank Marvin of the Shadows. Then was then affected was the Eric Clapton of "Bluesbreakers WITH Eric Clapton," John Mayall. Many times listening to the record, tried to imitate his vibrato. After Eric has left, the Bluesbreakers'm Peter Green has joined. He was also really great. I initially had to copy their two vibrato, it began to play a slow shake width than gradually. That way it felt to be able to express my emotion.

We'll have talked about the role played by the influence from the blues in the long career of Andrew, and in Progressive Rock is a sequel.

TY - Did involved How in the late 1960s British blues boom?

AL - I the early 1960s, the time of the fledgling was doing the songs of the Beatles and the Beach Boys in the cover band. But after listening to the Bluesbreakers and formed a blues band called The Brew, got to do with Andy Ward and Doug Ferguson. So about a year, was around the blues clubs of the United Kingdom each city. The do in the trio is, to not be able to hide behind the other members, were trained really. When it comes the time you did one year at The Brew, I have got to write their own songs, had lost interest in repeating endlessly the blues of 12 bar. I wanted to put their own original song writing on the front is a camel. So I said, "keyboard player is the need" to Andy and Doug. Out the member recruiting music paper in "Melody Maker", it was Peter Badenzu that came in response to it. The moment in which the first sound alignment with him, felt something magical is going to happen. Peter was the best of the Hammond organ player. It is, I know from when after he was doing once Peter Green and Rod Stewart, along with such as Van Morrison.

TY - initial Camel, but had to play the "Homage To The God of Light" in live, from the song originally solo work of Peter Badenzu "The Answer" (1970), Peter I Green was the song that was playing the guitar.

AL - It's right. When we first formed the camel had a tour in the 10 months non-stop. I was doing a live every day around the Germany and the Netherlands as well as the United Kingdom. Also to get bored to play just the same song, because coming is also limited repertoire of songs, I decided to play the old songs of Peter. In "Homage To The God of Light" is Santana like a type of music, because it is 15 minutes of jam minutes to 10, was fun doing. Peter I was trying to Take a camel in such direction at that time. I I was dismissed as "because I'm Santana is already, the same thing I try to do music meaning probably is not? A more English also doing", might was good even try a little doing if you from now ( Lol). For any guitarist, I because yearning is like a band Santana

TY - Have you ever met with Peter Green?

Al - Yeah, I was asked to introduce Peter Badenzu. In the mid-1970s, because it was about his mental state was not good, it was sad that his hero is in the difficult times. I really glad to that comeback after him.

TY - Peter Gary Moore was handed the Gibson Les Paul from Green early 1970s, whether it had been played with Yang shell Haas, knew about him?

Al - Gary was a guitarist full of talent. I was not acquainted with him, have been to once look at the live. In his lock period, remember anyway volume was Dekaka' (wry smile). A waste, I thought to ... and be able to play where there is more taste. Then after a few years, I was glad that he began to play the blues. Yang also, was done in conjunction with Gary was talking it was a pleasant experience

TY - When their music is referred to as either "progressive", it would tilted her neck initial Camel, but it had been joined together with Henry Cow and gong to omnibus live album "Greasy Truckers Live At Dingwalls Dance Hall" (1973), do you with them had been active in the same scene?

Al - I think my music that we was aiming was different with them, conscious that the same "scene" was not. That album is a small club I "Dingwall's" in London of Camden, I was a live recording. Record companies I stingy expenses, we have recorded all the bands on the same day. Bad recording state is because of that, there was also a band that was re-recorded again at a later date. Because that spared the expense, but extra reason took gold. I did not say that Camel never highest also playing, only the "Homage To The God of Light," was a use level. So it's the song is included on the live album. I do not have the memory I got the royalties of that album. I think I had been dressing at the time of the manager. Profitable was the was only him.
? or camel, but it is said to be one of the band representing the "progressive rock" of the United Kingdom, there was a sense of the time themselves "Progressive = advanced"?

I did not nickname Nante still "progressive rock" at the time. However, they had a consciousness that is doing the unprecedented music. Now, when the music themselves are doing say or "progressive", it would tilted her neck. It to categorization of the music is a third party of the work, it because we just do the music to believe of their own.

TY - "Progressive Rock Festival 2016" in but co-starred with Steve Hackett, or knew of him?

AL - Steve and there is that face-to-face in the awards ceremony of the British magazine "Prog". It extent that the greeting was. When I've been moved to London, But I became Anthony Phillips and friends was his predecessor in Genesis. Andy Ward and I was an early Genesis fan. "I think the silence of the storm" (1976) was their masterpiece. Classical and humorous, if there is one and only of personality, it had been marveled for each album. However, Steve is too main stream since the withdrawal, has lost interest. This time, I'm looking forward to seeing and Steve in Japan.

TY -I like to the such as Stephen Rosalie and Porcupine Tree Steven Wilson of Marillion, but guitarist says that it has received from your influence will have a large number to the progressive world, Do you have any contact with the modern progressive rock world?

Al - Do's industry full of "Stephen" (laughs). How even Steven, it's an honor for me to say so. Nante someone from your own are affected, it was not even considered. I "Prog" magazine is sent every issue, more than half of the rides and have the band do not know. But I know if Pendragon and Big Big Train about among the "neo-progressive rock".

TY - Did you interact with deceased Keith Emerson in this year (2016) March?

AL - There was no opportunity to meet with Keith. But, to hear that he had died, I was shocked. He is just before you go to Japan, I say that the hand of the condition was bad, I also to have had arthritis in the hands, I did not think other people's affairs. However, I go to Japan, but to enjoy with everyone. But of course to play from the depths of the heart, maybe he or she fails ... Toka, it's not to think to much serious.

TY - What are the plans after the Japan tour.

AL - It band through the tour is full of hot air, I think that it is time to make the soon new album. Japan tour believe to be the rocket fuel of for the next step.
Photo below, from Facebook of Pete Jones, photo taken during rehearsals before the Tour to Japan.
Facebook Pete Jones: Tiger Moth Tales

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